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I'm Lulu, a twenty-one-year-old costume production student.
I'm a huge fan of mid-century chic, crafts and cats.

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13 August 14
27 June 14

I posted a little something about my favourite tea last week, I’ve been so busy packing up my little flat I’ve not had time to really promote it as well as I wanted to!

Read it here!

7 April 14
2 April 14
29 March 14

Take a look at my latest blog post: here.

Posted: 10:34 AM

Oh hello!

What is Tumblr again? Where have I been?

I’ve had this little space on the interwebs for five years now. I’m a creature of constant change. In these five years I’ve been so many things. I’ve studied photography, textiles, and now doing a degree in costume production. I’ve moved from my lovely little country village to the outskirts of London. I’ve fallen in love.

I used to be really active on Tumblr but I couldn’t even remember my password just now! If you used to follow me back in the day -I’m essentially the same person, just older and wiser (I hope!) And I’m glad you’re still around.

I’ve had my own proper little blog all this time at I’ve also just opened my own Etsy shop at .

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