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I'm Lulu, a twenty-one-year-old costume production student.
I'm a huge fan of mid-century chic, crafts and cats.

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12 September 14

I think this summer, my last as a student for hopefully a while, was the one where I decided what I wanted to do. My career goals have changed so much since I started my gcses (7 years ago, crazy!) I wanted to be a fashion designer, a photographer, an illustrator, an opera singer, a costume maker. And I’m so thankful that I’ve been able to explore most of those things in my education so far (except for the opera thing, i’m just learning the queen of the night aria in my room until my neighbour hates me). 

I knew I was interested in fashion history. I’ve worn vintage clothes for the past 6 years because I love the story behind them, I’m one of the few who like to think that someone else wore their dress! And when I got to take a history of costume module last year I really enjoyed learning. 

So I’m hoping to get some work experience this year at a few museums and other establishments as a textile restorer. I’m also really interested in writing my dissertation on how and why we restore clothing for display. I get to be an assistant curator for my class’ section of the creative arts fair. 

Essentially, I want to work in a lovely museum writing about the clothing they house (The V&A could do with a better description of the clothing on their website!), unless of course I discover restoration is my forte. I also want to write a regular section on fashion history for a popular fashion magazine (as in, not one about vintage fashion). I also want to write a book.

Is that too much to ask?

4 September 14


"Of course, dogs are a pretty poor judge of human beauty. But I had a rough idea of what to look for." 101 Dalmatians, 1961

this scene was more influential on me than I care to admit

I think that this is my favourite sequence in any film ever.

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26 August 14
13 August 14
27 June 14

I posted a little something about my favourite tea last week, I’ve been so busy packing up my little flat I’ve not had time to really promote it as well as I wanted to!

Read it here!

7 April 14
2 April 14
29 March 14

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Oh hello!

What is Tumblr again? Where have I been?

I’ve had this little space on the interwebs for five years now. I’m a creature of constant change. In these five years I’ve been so many things. I’ve studied photography, textiles, and now doing a degree in costume production. I’ve moved from my lovely little country village to the outskirts of London. I’ve fallen in love.

I used to be really active on Tumblr but I couldn’t even remember my password just now! If you used to follow me back in the day -I’m essentially the same person, just older and wiser (I hope!) And I’m glad you’re still around.

I’ve had my own proper little blog all this time at I’ve also just opened my own Etsy shop at .

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